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What is video streaming and what are the benefits for users



Many people still view watching movies or videos online with illegal downloads. But a lot has happened since then. Many companies offer completely legal video streaming. YouTube is the largest provider. From cat videos and music videos to scientific explanations, everything is there. But there are a lot of other offers on the market. So you can watch the latest episode of his favorite series or even a movie on Hdfilme that has not yet been broadcast on Free TV. But what is video streaming actually, how does it work and what are the benefits for users?

This is how video streaming works

Unlike normal downloads, you do not have to wait for video streaming to download the file completely. Instead, it allows playback in real-time. However, this requires a stable and high-performance Internet connection, as is available in most households. Six to sixteen megabits are recommended. Often a caching, also called caching, is used. Here, portions of the video are stored on the computer before they are played. The video file is compressed, so it does not take much time to send. The receiving computer connects to the data stream of the streaming server and receives the desired data, which is then converted and played back by the video player.

The Benefits of Using Video Streaming        

One of the biggest advantages of video streaming is the fact that you can watch videos right away instead of waiting for them to download. Especially for longer videos, such as a three-hour movie, that’s very useful. This also means that no space on your own hard disk has to be wasted.

Especially for series and movies, video streaming is ideal. You are no longer dependent on the time on TV; you can choose yourself when you want to watch something. Compared to the video library, you do not have to worry about when you’ll have time to watch the movie.

It is also often possible to watch an entire series in one go if the episodes are available on Hdfilme. There are even series that are produced specifically for video streaming. There is a very wide selection. So you can see, for example, series that either not yet run on German TV or not at all intended. It is also possible to watch the series or the film in the English original, instead of the German dubbing on Hdfilme.

Offer, costs and quality

The cost of such service varies, depending on whether a subscription is to be ordered, or just interested in watching individual films or series. Almost all major providers offer different pricing options. However, if you have a limited transfer volume, you may incur additional costs.

The offer varies from provider to provider. Often you can choose between hundreds or even thousands of titles. However, it is advisable to take a close look at individual pages before deciding on a provider.

The quality depends mostly on internet connection. If this is fast and stable, the quality is top. But if there are problems (they do not have to exist only at their end), then it can lead to reduced image quality. Also, it might be possible that the video has to be paused to give the connection time to store more of it between.

The offer is getting wider and more and more providers to want to enter the market. Internet-enabled households are no longer dependent on the TV program or video library and can watch streaming series, movies and videos of their choice at any time.