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Can My Child Wear a Body Cam to School?



Being a parent is not easy and comes with a lot of responsibilities to shoulder. Ranging from raising them as good humans to catering to their necessities, there are a lot many things that parents have to take up.

One such primary responsibility involves sending their children to schools for education. But they go through a lot throughout the length of time for which they remain in their classroom.

Being protective of their child, they wonder what they can do to keep their child safe and well protected. One pertinent question they ask is, “Can my child wear a body cam to school?”

Most parents are concerned about their child being bullying in schools by a classmate, a senior, or even a teacher.

However, this is easier said than done. Legally, it necessitates parents to obtain the consent of teachers, and the parents of other children. While it doesn’t seem to a practical option on pen and paper, there’s still a way out for it.

Read on to know how you can go about it.

A hidden body cam is your best bet for this purpose

As a parent, you have two options. You can either seek permission for installing a camera in the school uniform of your child. Or, you can do it secretly so that no one gets to know about it.

The second option is better between the two choices. Why? It keeps you safe and clear from the possibility of facing a lawsuit. For this to happen, you need to ensure that you use a camera that remains secretive.

Try using a spy cam as the last resort

It is a commonplace to spot cameras in hallways, school grounds, almost all such places have it installed. But they are not meant for classrooms as it can cause hesitation amongst the teachers who walk into the class, having a feeling that they are eyed on at all times.

If you still want to have full monitoring for your child, your idea should be to ensure that it does not catch eyeballs easily. Otherwise, you may have issues with the school board, as well as its administration. If you wish to stay clear of this trouble altogether, you need to think of other options.

If installing a camera in the uniform of your child is your last option, then you need a spy camera. A regular camera will not serve your purpose. You need all type of wearable spy cameras that maintains confidentiality. For best wearable spy camera ideas you can find them at iShotify.

A hidden cam will keep you safe from facing a legal charge

The court of law goes by evidence to judge the validity of arguments. When people don’t see things, they don’t get to know about it. After all, it is said that the court demands evidence, and no evidence means no case at all.

By attaching a cam to your child’s uniform that isn’t easily noticeable, it will be virtually untraceable. Thus you can have some peace of mind that you will not get into a legal hassle.

In several states, recording people without their consent is not permissible by law. By keeping the whole thing secret, you can elude the possibility of facing a legal suit.


Attaching a camera to the school uniform of your child needs you to seek permission for the same.

Frankly, you are unlikely to get it as it involves several parties, and getting a green signal for such a thing is almost next to impossible. A spy camera does the job without putting you in the bad books of the school board.

Among other things, it does its job smartly without being noticeable. This way it helps you elude the possibility of turning up in the courtroom for a hearing.


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