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What Is An Elevator Shoe?



Wondering what an elevator shoe is? Well, from its name, elevator shoes are simple shoes that elevate, lift or increase one’s height, they can also be referred to as tall shoes. These types of shoes have parts of its insole that are thickened (also called shoe lifts), the thickened section is designed to make the wearer of such shoe appear taller or to elevate them above ground level just as the name suggests.


Elevator shoes have entirely taken over platform footwears as a height elevating aid to the men. The beauty of elevator shoes is that it increases one’s height without anyone having to notice it as it is invincible, the parts that add height are found inside the shoe, away from the public eyes.

Just like the regular platform shoes, elevator shoes can also be made from different kinds of soles such as leather, rubber, wood, or plastic. These types of shoes have heels on the outside, which has normal height and therefore is difficult to differentiate it from regular business, walking, or dress shoes.

While looking at it from the outside, height increasing shoes look like the normal and regular shoes you are used to; it doesn’t just allow you to increase your height by several inches directly, it does so invisibly while also enabling you to be comfortable and natural with it.

Anatomy of Elevator Shoes

As earlier stated, there are different components of the elevator shoes; they include the following:

  • Upper: It has a shoe last that ensures the shoes do not slip off while wearing them. Therefore they are incredibly comfortable and will prevent you from tripping.
  • Insole: Elevator shoes also has the part called the insole, it aids in the absorption of the impact caused by the shoes while also providing cushion to your feet at the same time. The insole also helps to add a few inches to your height and also protects the invisible increaser pad from deteriorating or getting damaged on time; it also provides aeration out of your shoes.
  • Height Elevating Layer: The height increasing layer alone can help in the addition of extra height, it has a leather insole which helps to absorb any impact while also cushioning your feet comfortably at the same time, this is made possible by the presence of the cushioning pad as well as the ventilated layer of the shoes.
  • Outsoles: This refers to the outer part of the shoes; it is visible to the eyes and helps the wearer to feel comfortable and offers a natural instep.

All these features are what make elevator shoes as comfortable and stylish as they look and feel. However, often time the problem with elevator shoes is buying the ideal product, and this usually leaves many people confused. But not anymore, if you are looking for where to buy elevator shoes, then look no further than GuidoMaggi, they have the best quality height increasing shoes you can ever think of and at affordable price too.