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Samsung Galaxy S10 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor got Fooled by a 3D- Printed Fingerprint Cast




Samsung Galaxy S10’s face unlock received a lot of criticism due to its unreliability. The good old fingerprint sensor is indeed more reliable than the face unlock system, and there is no denial in it. But now the latest in-display fingerprint sensors are not foolproof. A video has been released recently online which has shown the glitches about ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. The latest Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor got unlocked by a 3D-printed fingerprint sensor cast which is placed on a translucent strip.

The latest flagship range of phones from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. These mobiles are provided with in-display fingerprint sensors which rely on the ultrasonic waves that reflect from the finger to create a map of the 3D fingerprint pattern. The Qualcomm’s solution has been marketed as more effective and secure when compared to the conventional in-display fingerprint sensors which use the 2D image for recognition. These fingerprint sensors had high chances of failing. An Imgur user who goes by the name dark shark has proved it otherwise.

Darkshark printed the 3D image of fingerprint pattern on a transparent strip and placed it on the Galaxy’s S10’s display right above the fingerprint sensor. After making a slight adjustment on the fingerprint strip, he was able to unlock the mobile. The user captured his fingerprint on a wine glass with the help of a smartphone and analyzed the in-depth data that is present in it with the help of a software

He then used the data to print a slide in 3D. He further added that the DSLR would be able to click even better and clear images of the fingerprint. It is very easy to unlock the phones with this 3D strip. The even scarier thing here is that the 3D printers are available very easily in the market and anyone can use it to fool Samsung Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor.

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