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Xiaomi follows “closely” Huawei veto but says it does not affect



Chinese technology maker Xiaomi said Monday that it is “closely monitoring ” Google’s veto of Huawei, among other US companies, but stressed that this situation is not “affecting” the company.

Xiaomi sources in Spain have pointed out that the company is reporting on this because it is news that affects the sector, but has insisted that they as a company do not.

Xiaomi sold in the first quarter of the year 25 million units, which represented 8% of the market share and placed it in the world ranking of manufacturers in fourth place, behind Samsung, Huawei, and Apple, according to the consultancy IDC.

Google’s break with Huawei, the world’s second-largest mobile phone maker, means the disappearance of the Android operating system for the Chinese company’s new mobile phones, although it will continue to support devices already on sale.

According to data from the IDC consultancy, Huawei currently has a worldwide market share of mobile telephony of 19%, ahead of Apple (11.7%) and only behind Samsung (23.1%) , by What Google, after the decision taken on Sunday 19, risked a fifth of the global market to stop using its search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Play.

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